bmichaelamerica on February 20, 2015

NEW YORK (WABC) — His designs have seen the runway, the big screen and the wardrobes of some of Hollywood’s A-list stars, and in an industry often criticized for its lack of diversity, fashion designer B Michael is a bit of a pioneer.

“I always knew that this is where I would end up,” he said.

And that destination is at the top of his game, along side other top designers who will soon take over New York City for Fashion Week.

His name easy to remember, and his creations are unforgettable.

He is busy putting the finishing touches on his fall 2015 collection, which will be front and center next Wednesday inside the New York Public Library. It will be his first time presenting a ready-to-wear line, a departure from past shows that focused on his couture pieces.

“As a kid, I would sketch and look through magazines,” he said. “I always had a thing for old movies. Strange as a kid, now it makes perfect sense, of course.”

But how and when did all of this begin? Well, think the 1980s and a very specific TV show named “Dynasty.”

B designed all of those hats viewers loved to love.

“Had no clue how big ‘Dynasty’ was, I was just happy to be working and doing something I loved,” he said.

He would go on to work with Oscar de la Renta, launch his own line and dress countless women.

As for how he wants the world to view him, should race be a factor?

“Subjectively, it’s important that I am embraced for who I am,” he said. “But I think that my work is about being an American designer.”