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The idea of creating modern buildings in traditional neighborhoods… The new skyline of buildings in the West Village facing the Hudson or Harlem, where a new modern building stands next to a pre-war icon… creates a new mix of architecture. This is a current point of view, giving what is traditional… modern relevance.


This is an advanced American life-style collection…Favoring “American Silhouettes†such as the ‘Shift Dress’, the “A-Line†and the nod toward the clean lines of the Trouser and the Topper. The collection’s silhouettes are feminine – but with an added strength accented by the deliberate tailoring and choice of textiles.


The center of the collection is navy combined with black. The navy then evolves into mixes of rich berry hues. The black introduces winter white, dove and silver to create contrast. The textiles reflect the essence of the collection. Traditional materials like double-faced wool crepe and silk mikado are mixed with fabrics that are created with modern technology. The fabrics are sourced from mills all over the world.


She is worldly; an urban nomad who has an agenda from entrepreneurial and corporate to the arts and philanthropy.


  • B has anchored the collection with a capsule of fashion essentials in black and navy double-faced wool crepe.
  • From there the range includes day and spectator Dresses, related separates and easy mélange knit toppers – as well as coat dresses that exhibit the modern versatility needed in today’s world – going from work to board meeting to charity event to dinner and the theatre. Added to that are beautiful evening looks that reflect B’s couture legacy.
  • The collection is a true heritage American Collection crafted 100% in New York.